To clone one of these trees using Git:
  git clone git:// + project path.


Project Description Owner Last Change
arradio.git Shoutcast command line client 2 years ago
botijo.git IRC bot written in Python with modules support 4 years ago
chess4irc.git Networking chess game written in PyGame which... 6 years ago
crux/patches.git Collection of patches for tools related to... 6 years ago
crux/ports/core-ppc.git PowerPC overlay for CRUX core ports 4 years ago
crux/ports/opt-ppc.git PowerPC overlay for CRUX opt ports 5 years ago
crux/ports/sepen-test.git sepen's CRUX ports repository for tests 7 years ago
crux/ports/sepen.git sepen's CRUX ports repository 23 months ago
crux/ports/xorg-ppc.git PowerPC overlay for CRUX xorg ports 5 years ago
crux/tools/mpup.git Meta driver script for CRUX ports(8) 5 years ago
crux/tools/npkg.git Nano Package Manager for CRUX 6 years ago
crux/tools/pkg-misc.git Miscelaneous tools for CRUX pkgutils 4 years ago
crux/tools/portdbc.git Command line tool client for CRUX's portdb 5 years ago
crux/tools/prt-snapshot.git Make status snapshots of installed CRUX packa... 5 years ago
crux/tools/repo-utils.git Collection of tools for managing CRUX repos 5 years ago
crux/tools/safe-crux.git Safe CRUX Environment 2 years ago
crux/tools/usbdisk.git Creates usbdisk images for CRUX from iso... 7 years ago
crux/tools/webtools.git Fork repository for CRUX's webtools.git 5 years ago
dyndnsup.git Tool to auto update Dynamic DNS service 7 years ago
ircprocsy.git IRC proxy written in Python 6 years ago
kietol.git GTK+ frontend for Mplayer written in Python... 9 years ago
nibblesd.git Nibbles Daemon. Game server for nibbles netwo... 5 years ago
pm-info.git Tool to show battery info from APM/ACPI files 5 years ago
pmikro.git Micro template framework engine written in PHP 2 years ago
pprocsy.git HTTP proxy written in PHP 7 years ago
test.git Test repository 5 years ago
toffmo.git The OFFice MOtivator 5 years ago
xatahi.git Tiny GTK+ client for IRC written in Python 6 years ago